Monday, April 30, 2012



1. BALANCE: A good diet, exercise and healthy lifestyles to prevent disease and ensure the quality of life.

2. EDUCATION: nutrition education and promotion of sport should start from childhood. And this should be a priority for our society.

3. EXAMPLE: adults should set a good example with healthy eating habits for children and adolescents

4. HEALTH TIPS: It is the responsibility of educators and parents establish healthy habits of nutrition, promoting both the sport and limit sedentary activity associated with leisure time, such as excessive hours at the computer, TV or video games.

5. EVERYTHING IS EATING HEALTHY FOOD: Food is not "good" or "bad", what matters is the balance and proportion.

6. EXERCISE IS MORE THAN HEALTH: nutritional status of children and adolescents can be improved by devising a strategy that falls on the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors. Playing sports is desired, beyond the physical benefits, for his contribution to the establishment of individual development and psychological maturity necessary to achieve.

7. MORE CAIR: In general, youth are less liquid than recommended. Should increase the consumption of water, juice or drink for at least 2 to 2.5 liters a day.

8. MANAGEMENT COMMITMENT: public authorities have the primary responsibility in deciding the educational program in schools, colleges and universities as well as in planning the built environment.

9. CONTRIBUTION TO GIVE THE TOWN: from the urban point of view, cities should recover and develop spaces that allow practicing healthy lifestyle habits.

10. BALANCE FOR THE WELFARE: in short: a varied and balanced diet, along with increased physical activity, have a positive impact on the health and welfare.


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