Monday, June 4, 2012

Cervical cancer

 Cervical cancer is now indeed become a major scourge in particular for Women in the world known as Cervical Cancer Cervical Cancer nah Have you ever heard of the disease Cervical cancer or cervical cancer? Maybe it ever! or maybe not ever, but if you already know more deeply about the disease that was ranked no. 2 after breast cancer - "killer" of women on this earth? What is Cervical Cancer? Cervical cancer is cancer that attacks the cervical area or cervix, the lower area of the uterus that connects the uterus and vagina cervical cancer is a nightmare for any woman. Cervical cancer is a malignant type of cancer and affects a woman's reproductive system. Herbal medicines are increasingly being kin and powerful way to treat cervical cancer. Tahitian noni juice is made from natural herbal medicine that is a good option for patients with cervical cancer.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eye health

Serves as the eyes of the senses of sight, other than the eye can also be used to view the health condition of the skin. University of Colorado, the U.S. conducted a study which states that, the tendency toward a serious skin disease can be identified by eye color. Many ways that we can use to find out the disease, one of which is the color of the eye that can be utilized. Recent research also says the same thing, that one can detect eye color of skin diseases. Excerpt from WebMD, revealed in the study that people who have blue eye color has a relatively small risk of the disorder vitiligo, which will result in white patches on the skin and hair. For those who have made possible the color of brown eyes have a greater risk of vitiligo. The study also explained that there kaitanya between eye color with the risk of melanoma. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer itself is very dangerous. Not only is the skin that will be affected by melanoma, but other organs and bones can also be attacked.According to a researcher from the Human Medical Genetics and Genomics Program at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Richard Spritz, MD, says "Genetically, in some ways vitiligo and melanoma is the polar opposite. Some genetic variations make a person at risk of vitiligo and other people tend to be less susceptible to melanoma, and vice versa. " Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease itself, the immune system attacks part of one's own pigment cells, which resulted in the emergence of white patches. The exact cause of vitiligo is not yet known. People affected by vitiligo have a greater potential risk for autoimmune diseases of other kinds, such as tipe1 diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease.Genetics is the journal Nature has published the results of this study. scientists in research have made observations of a gene that has to do with vitiligo of the 450 people affected by skin disease. Then the researchers conducted a comparison against the Americans but Hispanics and non-European descent whose numbers are still 3,200 people.The scientists found, there are 13 newly identified genes may affect people who suffer from vitiligo. Another result obtained is, those scientists who have the eye color of blue or gray have less risk of vitiligo, and vice versa for those with brown eyes have a greater risk.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking Right Now

5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking Right Now
Here are 5 reasons why you should quit smoking now. Actually, many of these things already known by the smokers, but they seemed to turn a blind eye to the dangers of smoking caused either for himself or to others. The evidence suggests that death occurs every 8 seconds around the world are caused by diseases caused by smoking. I'm not sure this article will be able to stop you from smoking, but not hurt you to read the consequences that result from smoking following. No offense yes! Frankly I do not care whether you want to stop or not. More follows.

1) Smoking causes a wide range of deadly diseases By quitting smoking you will be protected from a variety of deadly diseases, among them:- Coronary heart disease, coronary heart disease is the disease causes the most deaths in the United States, and is the most casualties of disease in smokers. Toxins contained in cigarettes causes the plague in the arteries that lead to atherosclerosis, or better known as clogging or hardening of the arteries. Visualization of arterial blockages in coronary heart disease | (c) Stroke, based on data from the U.S. department of health and human services, stroke is the No. 3 most diseases that cause death in the United States, killing more than 150,000 people per year. Smokers have a chance of 0.5 - 2x as likely to suffer a stroke compared with nonsmokers.- Lung cancer, based on data from the American Cancer Society, in 2007 in the United States there are 213 380 new cases of lung cancer and 160 390 fatalities. Lung cancer is cancer that attacks the causes of death in both men and women, and 87% of the causes of lung cancer is smoking.- COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), which includes diseases of COPD include chronic bronchitis and emphysema (COPD read more about what it is). No. 1 Cause of COPD is smoking. Data show that 10 million Americans diagnosed with COPD and more than 14 million may be affected but undiagnosed COPD. In the United States, this disease is a killer no 4 in 2000 and the predictions will be no third most deadly disease in 2020.- Cancer of the mouth, the data showed that 70-80% of cases OHNC (oral, head, and neck cancer) is caused by the consumption of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

2) You will look ugly Smoking can cause yellow teeth, wrinkled skin, looks older, etc... By smoking you are already poor will look even worse: p
3) Smoking is a lot of money How many packs you smoke in a day? How much money you can spend for other purposes if you quit smoking? I've found people who smoked more than 2 packs per day. Suppose the price of a pack of cigarettes 10rb rupiah. then you burn in a day or equivalent Rp.20rb Rp.7, 2 million a year ... wow ... the figure is equal to Rp.28, 8 million in 4 years, that means you can on a pilgrimage in 4 years only to quit smoking .. wow!
4) Causing a miscarriage if you are a woman then it is better to immediately quit smoking because smoking can cause miscarriage.
5) Disturbing other people be many others who interfere with your cigarette smoke. I'm sure you already realize this. But somehow the smokers turn a blind eye or do not care about this. Let other people affected, I've heard of a father who smoked in public transportation by holding small children. When reprimanded by mothers nearby who say "sir, do not smoke son ". What do you answer that? Familiar but why my son. If you are a religious person, I'm sure whatever your religion you would not be justified to interfere with other people. If you do not want to disturb others with your smoke, then smoke a cigarette with swallowing. That was 5 reasons why you should quit smoking now. May be useful. If useful please add +1 at rate g + button at the bottom of the article. How about you? Do you smoke? If you want to quit smoking?

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